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Credit Card Processing Merchant Account for Fantasy Football Business

Every football fantasy company should get a merchant account because most of the transaction are performed through credit cards.  You can easily get a merchant account for your fantasy league business online. A sports betting related merchant account can be more difficult to get approved compared to other types of business models. However, almost all fantasy football gaming businesses can get approved for a merchant account by implementing a few simple strategies.


Why It is Difficult to Get Approved for Merchant Account


Obtaining a bank merchant account for fantasy football business is difficult because many banks consider it as a high risk business. One of the factors is that most people book their football team leagues in advance. Many things could go wrong within this period of time. Secondly, the average of the ticket sizes and transaction volumes in sports bet prediction companies is high. If the travel company has a high percentage of chargeback dispute, it can bring a lot of risks to the credit card provider.


Processing History


Before you can get approved for a merchant account, there are a number of important documents you need to submit. The merchant account provider will want to take a look at your processing history for the past 3 months.   If your football fantasy league business have peaks during certain period of time, you should submit the credit card processing statement for at least 1 year.


Business Financials


Besides, the merchant account provider want to review your business financials. You must be able to demonstrate a strong financial to show the provider that your business will do well in the future. Sports betting companies with a good cash flow show that they are ready to handle problems and peak season that occur from time to time.


Keep a Low Chargeback Rate


To easily get approved, you should keep your chargeback rate at below 3%. If you have no charge back in the past 3 months, it means that your business is running smoothly.

Maintain a Low Ticket Price

Maintaining a low ticket price can also increase your chance of approval. For example, you can take a small deposit and bill the rest close to the travel date.




When applying for an merchant account online, make sure you get a rate analysis for your business. You can email your most recent statement to the provider for review. You should talk to the customer representative about your business. They will be able to help you to set up a merchant account that best suit your business model. When talking to the representative, you should questions on how you can get approved.